Why choose a Lowry's Book Fair?

Your book fair can be delivered to you in the manner that you prefer. The first is a standard table top (boxed and delivered to you). The second method are our signature "book mobiles". These are custom fitted trailers lined with bookshelves and filled with your selections that we drive to your school. They are a fully self-contained mini bookstore complete with heating and air-conditioning. The third method, and the most common one, would be our rolling carts that are stocked with all the books*.

We pack it, deliver it to you, restock it upon request and pick it up, leaving you with the profits. We offer cash or credit, just like the big guys, BUT unlike the big guys, the credit WE give can be used on ANY book in print, not just titles from a short list.

As mentioned in our "Who We Are" section, we try our very best to make the book fair the best it can be for your school. You have as much say in your book fair as YOU want. If you want, we can pick all the books from what we know sells and what's new in reading for the grades in your school, but we are also open to whatever YOU want or don't want in your book fair. It's all up to you how much input you want to give.

Unlike the "big dogs", we aren't biased. We don't limit you to a certain number of titles. We can order any book in print and will happily do so for you, because let's face it, don't your students deserve the best selection? We don't include toys unless requested AND we have no minimum sales requirement for your Book Fair. You WILL receive a cash rebate, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SALES VOLUME IS! Or choose the Book credit for the sales you do.

While we strongly believe in the purchase of printed books, we realize a lot of people prefer digital copies. If you buy your E-books through our website, www.lowrysbooks.com, during the week of your book fair, your school will receive credit for it. Please note that we use Google E-books, which will work with all E-readers EXCEPT the Amazon Kindle.

Also unlike some of the big companies, we will NEVER penalize you for deciding to cancel your book fair with us to try someone else, we will NEVER expect a certain sales quota from you, and we will NEVER expect an even higher sales figure the next year.

In addition, as a full service bookstore, we can also include used books and bargain books for economically disadvantaged students. Also, this may be of interest, our books are the versions sold to stores, not book club editions, so they are of a higher quality because the bindings and paper are better.

We can provide you with a register(s) and an ipad to take debit and credit cards ( it ties to the school's wifi). Easy-to-use instructions are included. And help is just a phone call away.

We work with all types of school;  parochial, public, private, special needs, large and small, we want you to get the most out of your book fair. We also offer BOGO book fairs throughout the year**.

We accept cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and checks at our book fairs (we provide credit card machines for you). We also give teacher discounts during the book fair and happily accept P.O.'s.

And one last note, we have NEVER, and WILL NEVER, change the terms of your book fair BEFORE, DURING or AFTER it happens!

SO, if your intention is to get the maximum number of books into your students hands, then consider Lowry's for your Book Fair needs. If your goal is to simply get the maximum sales from your fundraiser, then we may or may not be a fit for your school.

* These carts, and the trailers, get scheduled quickly sometimes far in advance, so please schedule these as early as possible.

** Due to the special price available to your students and staff of the Buy One Get One Free selection, these book fairs cannot be a fundraiser for the school.