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Living in the 21st Century races the heart and mind. War and terrorism, lack of affordable health care, rapid economic shifts, and accelerating technology has disturbed the mental, physical, and fiscal health of all people, regardless of age or status. Unfortunately, partisanship and lack of political resolve has placed the burden of survival on to us. Modern living is a classic conundrum - and it has always been this way.

These challenges have always existed. So much so, that a practice to thrive and survive was created centuries ago to elevate our sovereign participation in life. Fortunately, the practice still exists.

Inner Secrets reveals the wisdom encoded into the art of T'ai Chi long before manuals or books existed to convey knowledge. Through study and personal experience, Bill Donnelly shares his discovery of T'ai Chi's timeless power to improve your quality of life in a world that is close to the edge. Inner Secrets includes:

- Living at your own pace

- Health and longevity

- Increasing awareness

- Living with emotional balance

- Self-preservation in a changing world

- Multi-tasking with purpose

- Managing conflict and confrontations

- Developing inner strength

- Balancing martial and civil responsibilities

- Maintaining a healthy outlook while facing an unknown future

Whether you are a new, experienced, or just a curious T'ai Chi enthusiast, Inner Secrets provides time proven lessons for strength and balance in increasingly uncertain world.

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ISBN: 9798987955901
Publisher: Apeirogon Publishing
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Pages: 234
Language: English