The Brilliant Dr. Wogan (Choose Your Own Adventure #17) (Paperback)

The Brilliant Dr. Wogan (Choose Your Own Adventure #17) Cover Image

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This is book number 17 in the Choose Your Own Adventure series.


WHAT IF THERE WAS A MACHINE THAT COULD STOP A NUCLEAR BOMB AND NEUTRALIZE ALL RADIATION? A machine that could stop radiation would shift the balance of world power overnight. In the right hands, it could herald a new age of world peace. In the wrong hands, it would spell disaster. The brilliant Dr. Wogan has designed such a machine. But she has gone missing, along with the plans. As her right hand assistant, everyone looks to you to help find her. So, the intelligence official says, you know how important this job is. Without Diana Wogan, the work of the last eleven years, the hope of hundreds of millions of souls, and maybe even life as we know it on this planet, will be lost. A few days later, clues have led you to the Greek isle of Canakkale where a middle-aged man slips on a cobblestone and bumps into you. Pardon me, he murmurs, while slipping a piece of paper into your hand. If you decide to go to Bozcaada by ferry, turn to page 4. YOU choose what happens next.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781933390178
ISBN-10: 1933390174
Publisher: Chooseco
Publication Date: May 1st, 2006
Pages: 112
Language: English
Series: Choose Your Own Adventure