In the Boneyard: History and Horror of America's Haunted Cemeteries (Paperback)

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Death is the final mystery at the end of life. We have feared and worshipped it since the beginning of time. All of us have contemplated the mystery of death, and we all wonder - no matter what our beliefs - what will happen to us after we die. Some believe we are born again in a new body with an old soul, while others believe our spirits pass on to another place - or perhaps remain behind as ghosts. The mystery of death has forced us to create rituals and practices to deal with it and to immortalize it with cemeteries, grave markers, and of course, dark and frightening legends and lore.

Come along as author Troy Taylor takes you on a cross-country trip to the most haunted cemeteries and burial grounds in America. Within these pages, you'll discover the traditions behind our funeral and cemetery customs and find out why a cemetery becomes haunted. On this journey, we'll uncover forbidden and forgotten places, premature burials, grave robbery, desecrations, vampires, haunted cemetery art, curses, and a myriad of lingering spirits that will chill your blood. They are nightmarish stories that seem to be too good to be true - but, they aren't. They are not tales from fiction, but authentic accounts from the dark side of American history, including the true story of one of the most famous cemetery phantoms of all time - Resurrection Mary.

This collection of unsettling tales of boneyard ghosts and specters is the most chilling we have ever offered. Inside, we'll explore both old favorites and reveal some of the mysteries of haunted cemeteries that may have eluded us until now. So, take our hand, light a candle, and let's whistle as we walk past the graveyard tonight - and hope that nothing is waiting for us out there in the dark.

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ISBN: 9781735270609
ISBN-10: 1735270601
Publisher: Whitechapel Productions
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2020
Pages: 362
Language: English