Loop, Roll, and Keep Control - A Step-By-Step Aerobatic, Spin, and Upset Manual (Paperback)

Loop, Roll, and Keep Control - A Step-By-Step Aerobatic, Spin, and Upset Manual By Jim Luger Cover Image
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Sharpen your bird-like skills, and reclaim your pure joy of flight

Whether you are a low-time pilot or a seasoned professional, experiencing more control of your airplane during extreme flight situations could be the most exciting and rewarding aviation experience you've ever had

This manual is intended as a companion for aerobatic, spin, and upset flight training with a competent certified flight instructor. The step-by-step lessons in this book will prepare you for your flight lessons, and help you self-critique your performance and progress.

Check the book's syllabus to see how naturally and easily it progresses from one maneuver to the next, beginning with loops and rolls as the basic ingredients for virtually all other aerobatic maneuvers. For each maneuver, you'll learn about common errors, how to prevent them and how to correct them. You'll also learn a bit of history about many of the maneuvers. Spin training is blended into the syllabus, and upset recovery scenarios are covered in detail.

Author Jim Luger is a recipient of the FAA's highest pilot tribute, the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. He has taught aerobatics, advanced spins, and upset recoveries for over 50 years as a certified flight instructor. He is also a certified distance education instructor (CDEI), and he has combined those educational skills with thousands of instructing hours to design the engaging curricula and lesson plans in this unique training manual.

This book explains common errors, how prevent them and how to correct them. Getting more command of your airplane will reduce your stress, and increase your flying confidence and fun. By combining knowledge and experience, you'll feel more in command of your airplane, even while simply flying from airport A to airport B. You'll become more aware and oriented during all flying, you'll have more aviation fun than you ever thought possible.

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ISBN: 9781733098229
ISBN-10: 1733098224
Publisher: High Flight Publishing
Publication Date: May 20th, 2020
Pages: 178
Language: English