Noko The Knight: Empowering Kids to Embrace their Emotions Effectively (Paperback)

Noko The Knight: Empowering Kids to Embrace their Emotions Effectively By Aaron Laroc (Illustrator), Eleni Theodorou Cover Image
By Aaron Laroc (Illustrator), Eleni Theodorou
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After a hot day in South Africa's Mpumalanga bushveld, Noko, a young crested porcupine with a big heart, scurries out of his burrow to meet up with his many friends at night school. But just before he leaves, his parents summon him back with exciting news. He's going to be a big brother Unfortunately, Noko isn't nearly as thrilled as his mother and father. Noko is the baby of the family, and he thinks it should stay that way. Feeling sad and dejected, Noko dashes off into the darkness before his parents can say another word.As Noko struggles to come to terms with his emotions, a friend overhears his plight and attempts to offer him help. Instead, Noko accidentally hurts him-a mistake that causes the young porcupine even more sadness.Meanwhile, his buddies aren't sure what's going on- but they know they must approach Noko with kindness if they ever hope to help him.A charming story of friendship and compassion, "Noko the Knight" is the perfect tale for young readers who are learning how to express their budding emotions.

About the Author

Eleni Theodorou holds a bachelor's and honor's degree in psychology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, and a master's degree in sports psychology from Capella University in the United States. She has worked with children and their parents in different parts of Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, administering brain-based learning assessments and related coaching in pursuit of educating and empowering them academically, socially, and emotionally. Theodorou is also a dedicated volunteer to special needs children, young adults, and senior citizens. Born and raised in South Africa, she currently lives in the United States, where she is an avid horse rider and enjoys Latin and ballroom dancing.
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ISBN: 9780996271905
ISBN-10: 0996271902
Publisher: Telling Tales Publications LLC
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2015
Pages: 50
Language: English