LowryFlyer.pdf Lowry's Books & More is an independent provider of bookfairs. What differentiates us from "the big guys" is our ability to provide a customer-friendly book fair tailored to meet your school's needs.

We pride ourselves on customizing your bookfair for your needs - we will honor all of your requests for specific titles, authors and genres! We will aslo respect your decisions to exclude titles or styles. Also know that if you choose book credit as your fundraising benefit, that credit can be used on ANY book in print, not just those of one publisher! That is, millions of selections; not a very limited selection.

Our Book Fairs can come in three formats:


  1. Standard table top format
  2. Book Mobiles: custom fitted trailers lined with bookshelves are driven to your school. They are a fully self-contained mini bookstore with heating and air-conditioning. NOTE: These trailers are no longer available. The truth is this: when school shootings spiked in the 2010's, schools stopped letting Bookfairs in on a trailer. We have held them for years hoping for change, but have recently stopped using them. Sorry.
  3. Book carts. Just like our competitors, all you have to do is open them up and start selling books!


We offer a 15% discount to teachers during the bookfair.  We also offer BOGOs all year round.

For non-public, eg.parochial, Christian, Islamic schools, etc., we can include books published by religious based companies; for diverse reading populations, a wide range based on those abilities-you have complete control over the titles we bring to you for your fund raiser. Normally we sell only books, but, yes, toys or no toys - it's all up to you.

In addition, as a full-service book store with used and new titles, we can include some used books for economically disadvantaged readers as well as bargain books. To accommodate the adults, we often include recent fiction and best-sellers, cooking, history, self-help, health, and education oriented books.

Follow the links for photos, take home flyers, and more--including MAME's link for "chatter" about us-- Contact us at 800-905-7232 or email us at

Don't forget to check out our flyer for more details.

Our profit schedule is very competitive. NOTE FOR SMALL SCHOOLS:  If your sales are below $1000, then you can choose a 12% Cash Rebate or a 25% Book Credit. AND UNLIKE THE COMPETITOR, your book credit can be applied to ANY book in print. If your sales are between $1000 and $2000 you can choose a 15% Cash Rebate or 25% Book Credit. If your sales are between $2000 and $5000, you can choose a 20% Cash Rebate or a 30% Book Credit. And if your sales exceed $5000, you can choose 25% Cash Rebate or 35% Book Credit. As you can see, we love small schools. 

Here are some sample lists of popular books we send to schools:

Elementary 2024 list.doc

Middle 2024 list.doc

High 2024 list.doc

Please read on, we have 3 more pages about our book fairs.